Technology Deployment

You don't need to pay outrageous fees to implement your IT solution. We will work with you and your partners to make sure you have a plan to implement, train, and manage the change at a competitive cost and superior quality.

Business Transformation

Are you planning a CX, cost reduction, process improvement, or revenue generation initiative? We understand the unique challenges leaders face in implementing meaningful and lasting change. We won’t just create a task list and meeting notes; we will be your wingman as you lead your company through the change.

Supplemental Support

Does your project team just need an extra set of hands to help manage your large cross-functional project? You don’t need to read through tons of resumes and schedule interviews. We can hop onto an existing team and begin contributing day one.

Hill City Global

Hill City Global exists to bring our client’s vision to life through the implementation of their strategic initiatives by working alongside them as a trusted partner. What makes us unique is that we are singularly focused on one thing: the execution of strategic initiatives.

Not only do we get to know your project, we get to know you and the culture within which you operate.  This allows us to become an extension of your internal team while simultaneously overcoming change obstacles that may inhibit the project from getting done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A team of outsourced project managers that fit your culture.

We are easy to work with expert project managers that can drive an entire initiative or supplement an existing team. Your organization will love working with us!

We only hire experienced consultants

We aren’t learning on
your dime.

We can collaborate with you in a way only a small firm can

We are a boutique start-up. Let’s leverage the benefits. 

We know how to communicate

We work remote without you feeling disconnected

I attended a workshop on Project Management which was led by Ryan at Hill City Global. Everything was very well-structured and presented but what makes a difference from the standard sessions you see on the topic is that Ryan was talking from experience and once we discussed what were the challenges we are facing as a company, to propose an effective solution that we had not thought of before. I took a lot of ideas that I am already putting into practice which makes the whole experience worth it! On top of this, he sent me even more materials after the session which were of really great help!

Iva Nachkova

Co-Founder of 356labs & Present to Succeed Conference
Hill City Global founder Ryan Fischer is great at finding the right balance between a rigorous project management methodology and a “just get it done” approach. In the midst of a large implementation he was doing for us, his ability to adapt to the constant changing business landscape while keeping the project on track was a great asset.

Ryan Ritz

VP of Customer Insights and Analytics at Dentsply Sirona
My team worked with HCG founder Ryan Fischer to deploy a large technology and change initiative. The trust and chemistry between our teams was there almost immediately. He has a unique ability to build consensus across a variety of teams to get a project up and running in a complex financial services/B2B environment.

Ashley Goode

Vice President of Solutions at Bumped, Inc.
When I joined the Bank of America Merchant team, Ryan and I partnered to build and develop our Client Experience program. His project management skills and dedication to the successful launch of this key strategic initiative was invaluable.

Mindi Flook

VP, Sr. Program Manager at Bank of America Merchant Services
I had the pleasure of working with Hill City Global Founder Ryan Fischer as we helped to frame the rollout of a $1 billion transformation initiative for one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers. During this time, Ryan worked to build relationships across the organization, while developing detailed requirements and processes for the business transformation. Ryan’s positive attitude, strategic thinking, and project management skills helped us to deliver high quality work that advanced the initiative beyond expectations.

Chris Cassell

Director of Business Planning & Strategy at Lowe's Companies
What I value about Ryan's partnership is his ability to quickly become a member of the team. Ryan is an intuitive leader and he delivers results because he integrates seamlessly into the organization. He builds trust and brings out the best in your team, guiding them to deliver beyond what they thought they were capable of. Whether a short or extended engagement Ryan brings his clients the skills, tools, and process to achieve success. More importantly Ryan helps your employees gain greater confidence in their own ability to achieve.

Jessica Saha

SVP, Process Design Executive at Bank of America
HCG Founder, Ryan Fischer, brings a rare balance of operational understanding, client insights and strategic vision to every project he manages. His ability to synthesize large amounts of data allows him to quickly assess a situation and create an actionable plan to achieve the desired results. Ryan builds solid relationships that are based on trust, transparency and candor while focusing on mutually successful outcomes. He is an asset to any organization or management team.

Melissa Gill

Head of CX Strategy for Community Banking at Wells Fargo
I had the opportunity of working with Ryan multiple times over the last 10 years. Ryan’s work ethic and attention to detail led me to chose him to lead a significant business transformation for a Fortune 50 company. He helped to drive an extremely complicated and high stress portfolio of work all while keeping a positive attitude. He has the ability to quickly connect, build rapport, earn trust, and drive efforts collaboratively.

Jeff Rivera

Owner at LBIK Companies
Ryan is a consummate project management professional with experience in a variety of industries. I had the privilege of working closely with him for over a year and a half, on multiple large scale portfolios. He strikes a perfect ( and not easily achieved) balance between a drive for delivery excellence, and a respectful and supportive partnership with his customers.

Scot Crowder

Lead InfoSec, PMO - TIAA


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