Is project management software the secret ingredient needed to solve your project management issues? There is clearly a market out there for the software. There are hundreds of choices and more seem to pop-up every day. With slick UIs and cool plug-ins, it would seem like for a small cost you can get your projects management office in shape in no time at all. Selling management on the benefits of the software seems easy enough. Do they want near real-time reporting on project statuses? Do teams need to be able to store deliverables and communicate seamlessly? Would you benefit from having data pulled in from multiple sources for your projects? Of course, the answer is yes to these and many other questions that might get asked. In the near future we will have AI engines telling us how to manage our projects based on various signals along the project life cycle. What else could you need?

As teams lean more on specialized software to manage their projects it’s worth asking, does software make your projects more successful? Simply put, no. It’s important to see software as only a tool in your tool box. Otherwise your issues will continue to persist after you put the software in place. So if software is not the answer, what is? It’s the basics; the ability to plan, organize, and lead. A project management team skilled in these areas can deliver projects with the tools they already have (sometimes with even just a whiteboard, calculator, and phone!). 

Before you pull the trigger on a new software purchase ,evaluate how you are doing at the basics and focus on shoring-up any clear weaknesses. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a software package is the answer. After this is complete, then look at adding a software to enhance your capabilities.


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