If you are tasked with running a project and given the title of Project Manager, most people in your organization will likely view you as a note-taking meeting scheduler. The perception isn’t about you. It’s how they see an individual contributor who isn’t responsible for a profit and loss statement (P&L). In reality, you may work harder, make more daily decisions that keep the company from losing lots of money, and influence more people than a typical P&L owner. Perception can become your reality if you aren’t careful, though. The danger in this isn’t about you not being recognized for how awesome you are. It’s about you being able to be effective in your role for the organization. If you get pigeon-holed into a note-taker, you will not be able to lead. If you aren’t leading, your project will suffer. So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen to you?

1) Think like a business owner – Constitenlty be looking at your projects as small businesses that you own and for which you are responsible. Business owners have to be scrappy and creative. They think outside of the box. Thinking creatively to drive your initiatives forward will ensure you don’t become a note-taker.

2) Advise the line-of-business owner – Don’t just sit and wait for orders from your sponsors or stakeholders. Take a proactive role in your project by making recommendations for them before bringing any open issues or questions to their attention. In some cases, making the call yourself will make sense. They will appreciate you being an extension of them and not just a note-taker. And, it will help ensure your project is delivered successfully.

3) Create exceptional deliverables – While you don’t merely want to be considered a “note-taker, ” you do want to create great notes!. Don’t get so focused on the two first points that you lose your ability to deliver the fundamental responsibilities of a project manager. The creation of high-quality deliverables throughout the lifecycle of the project is essential for project success and your credibility.


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