We have been quiet over the last several months. No new blogged posts, and no new advertising pushes. This lack of outward presence doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy—quite the opposite. We have been diligently listening and guiding. There is little time for talking when you are busy listening! What exactly have we been doing over the last few months? Here are just a few things we have been working on:

  • Helped a large American farming operation think through how they can enter the Bulgarian market and export into the Middle East.
  • Delivered creative ideas to some of the world’s largest SaaS companies to help them better serve their clients.
  • Became a market entry consulting partner for a DC-based Embassy trade office to help US-based companies enter their market. 
  • Supported a new accelerator think through ways to execute their unique accelerator idea successfully.
  • Assisted a startup with their business plan and applications for $1M seed round funding.
  • Helped a new venture fund focused on the Southeastern startup ecosystem build out their business.
  • And much more.

Notice the number of times we have come alongside to “help.” It’s what we love to do. Even when it means late evening meetings (after 11 pm) or early morning phone calls at 5 am to align to other’s timezones. Or taking calls on the weekends. When you are doing something you love to do, you do it.

None of this work is unusual for a consulting company. Even the hours aren’t a surprise. What might though come as a surprise to you is we have done all of this work for free. That’s right. We haven’t charged anyone a dime. Why? Because in all the situations, it has been the right thing to do for the people on the other side. It’s that simple. Doing what is right for those we are helping, even if at our expense, is how we operate. It’s in our DNA. Has this created financial pressure on the company? Sure. Some of you are aware of this pressure. But it doesn’t matter. We invest in our relationships for the long-haul, not short-term gain. And we want to build a solid foundation for service support in our early years of getting Hill City Global off the ground.

As we close out the first quarter of 2021, we look forward to what opportunities lay ahead to help those that contact us with their strategic needs.

-Ryan Fischer, Founder of Hill City Global


About Hill City Global:  Our mission is to see our client’s vision come to life through the implementation of their strategic initiatives by working alongside them as a trusted partner. We do this by providing project implementation and related consulting services through our easy to work with team that knows how to communicate and fits your culture. We are proud to call Sofia, Bulgaria home. Learn more at www.hillcityglobal.com

Company Leadership: Ryan Fischer, CEO and Founder 

Board of Advisors: Chris Daum, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at FMI Corporation; Joseph Swarengin, Vice President and US CFO of Krispy Kreme; Adrian Donato, Ed.D, University of Southern California (USC) Lecturer and Founder of InterEd Strategic.