About Hill City Global

Our Story

While working on several large transformational programs for  Fortune 100 clients in the US, Hill City Global founder Ryan Fischer, recognized a need in the market for a value-driven company that provided affordable project resources and consultation that wouldn’t require companies to sacrifice quality. He then relocated to Sofia, Bulgaria and launched the boutique project management consulting company, Hill City Global.

Our Mission and Values

Mission: We exist to bring our client’s vision to life through the implementation of their strategic initiatives by working alongside them as a trusted partner.


Vision: We execute our mission by focusing on serving our clients, developing our people and contributing to our community.  

Client-centricity – We put our clients first. 

Integrity – We always do what’s right. 

Making a Difference – We make a difference for our clients and in our community. 

Commitment to Excellence – We produce high quality work.

Accountability – We take ownership of the success of our clients.

Always Learning - We never stop being students.

Why Sofia, Bulgaria?

We are proud to call Sofia, Bulgaria home. Bulgaria is one of the EU’s most beautiful countries. It boasts of a rich history, glorious landscape, and amazingly talented people. Over the last several years, Sofia has become a tech and science hub in Europe. It is from our office in the center of Sofia that we manage your projects. Our location is a strategic advantage for our clients.

  • Affordable economy for building efficient solutions — Bulgaria's favorable economy ensures our clients get top resources that benefit their bottom line.
  • Shared culture — Fewer barriers means better connection and communication with stakeholder teams.
  • Smart & dedicated managers — Our project managers are educated at the best universities in Bulgaria and abroad and are highly trained in management consulting best practices.
  • Favorable time zone — Our project managers conveniently work on our client's schedule.
  • Solid infrastructure - Bulgaria's government has invested substantially into its technology and network infrastructure, as evidenced by the growing number of some of the world's largest technology companies choosing to establish a presence in Bulgaria.

Our Team

Ryan FischerCEO & Founder

Ryan has helped some of the world’s largest organizations execute their strategic vision through technology and business transformation efforts in both management consulting and internal roles. Such companies include Lowe’s Companies, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, Family Dollar, Costco, and Bank of America Merchant Services. Prior to founding Hill City Global, he led the Enterprise Client Experience team’s implementation of Medallia across Bank of America Merchant Services. He earned an MBA from Wake Forest University and holds several professional certifications.

Chris DaumAdvisory Board
Dr. Adrian J. Donato Advisory Board

Through his professorial and leadership roles within the doctoral program for Organizational Change & Leadership at the University of Southern California, Dr. Donato trains the top 1% of C-suite domestic and international executives who add value to the highest performing private, public, and non-profit organizations within their countries. He is also the founder of InterEd Strategic, a global consultancy specializing in change management. Dr. Donato’s expertise ensures that Hill City Global is applying the latest best-in-class approaches in the areas of organizational change management and leadership to our client’s projects.

Joe SwarenginAdvisory Board

Joe is the former US CFO of Krispy Kreme which is owned by the private equity firm JAB.  Prior to his role at Krispy Kreme, Joe worked for Mars Inc., Procter & Gamble and was an officer in the US Air Force.  Joe has experience in developing and developed markets having lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America. Joe’s background in global business finance brings a unique perspective to Hill City Global’s advisor team as we serve clients across the globe.

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Manage Change.

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