Hill City Global has partnered with Kanbanize to offer our clients that use the kanban method, a unique solution specifically developed to meet their project management needs.

Agile At Scale

With Kanbanize you visualize the project plan in dedicated Management Boards and break down the work across one or more Team Boards. This creates a work hierarchy that spans multiple levels in the organization and creates unmatched transparency across the whole value stream. As teams, complete work on their team boards, the progress, and potential risks are visualized on your management boards automatically.

The Power of Solutions &
Services Working Together

Hill City Global is excited to offer this solution to our clients while also giving them the ability to leverage our best-in-class consulting to help them get the most from their investment through our implementation services. You can start your free trial of Kanbanize today.
For enterprise clients that would like more information about our end-to-end approach, or to schedule a demo, please complete the form below. 

Change the way you Kanban today